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Music DANIEL THORNTON is a leading Australian composer and performer.
Best known for his Film/TV scoring and his concert works, his eclectic compositions are critically acclaimed.
He is on free-to-air and pay TV with regular live performances here & overseas and innumerable recordings!  more
01/07/09 - CD Released - The much anticipated "Worship Always" album is now available... more
01/06/09 - By popular demand - Daniel & Marina Prior again performed "The Prayer"...... more
01/04/09 - You Tube - contains the original Drum/Light composition by Daniel performed at Influencers Conference...... more
10/02/09 - New Recording - With some of the top musicians in South Australia, Daniel is embarking on a new CD of his original songs...... more
20/01/09 - "Presence Beautiful" - has just been released on the "Paradise" album. The live video clip was recorded @ Influencers Conference... more
30/12/08 - Marina Prior - and Daniel are now on YouTube! CHECK IT OUT...
19/12/08 - Marina Prior - and Daniel performed "The Prayer" at Paradise Carols to thousands who responded with a standing ovation... more
25/10/08 - Interesting New Film - Once again Daniel is working with Director Michelle Lia on a new film for release this year... more
15/07/08 - Rubies of Eventide - the popular MMORPG is getting a new alternate score... more
10/06/08 - New Musical for 2012 - Can't give too much away just yet but Daniel is composing for a significant new musical... more
01/05/08 - Checked the Gallery? - It's just been updated with a WHOLE HOST of new mp3s to listen to... more
01/04/08 - New Hang Minh Vu Film- will feature Daniel's score later this month... more
19/03/08 - Daniel stars- in the Australian Premiere of the US Hit Rock Opera "!Hero" to an audience of over 5000... more
10/01/08 - In negotiations- we're hopeful to be making an announcement soon about a tremendous collaboration... more
25/12/07 - 25,000 people- attended the community carols event where Daniel performed and MD'd... more
25/11/07 - Two new documentaries- are in post-production with Daniel's original scores... more
20/10/07 - Daniel's producing- and playing... and singing on one of Australia's largest churches new CDs... more
15/08/07 - Australian Songwriters Association- has nominated Daniel for this year's prestigious Ruby Brandsma Award... more
01/08/07 - Encore Magazine- features our website in this month's issue... more
11/07/07 - The latest samples - Daniel is now using the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP samples... more
04/06/07 - June's New Scores- 2 short films "Hylas & the Nymphs", "One Deep Breath" & a new doco will contain Daniel's scores this month... more
01/05/07 - Tenor, Boyd Owen- and Daniel have just finished recording with The Australian Children's Choir and an Orchestra in Melbourne... more
30/04/07 - It is Well vol 2- Yes, having sold out of the 1st run of Vol 1 "It is Well" CDs, Daniel has just released a new "sacred" CD, Volume 2... more
01/03/07 - Gallery Update- Many new projects are in the pipeline; a new CD, new film scores.  In the mean time the Gallery's been updated... more
01/01/07 - Award-winning mezzo - The beginning of 2007 sees Daniel teaming up with award-winning mezzo soprano Shelley Hayton... more
20/11/06 - Seven New Projects - It's an exciting month as Daniel is in the process of completing scores to SEVEN new short films/documentaries... more
10/08/06 - New boy from Oz hits NY - Having completed the "Angels" recording as the Orchestrator, Music Director AND starring role of "Tyriel", Daniel has been invited... more
5/07/06 - New Recording - Before heading to New York in August, Daniel is performing/recording his original songs for the LifeSource TV show. more
4/07/06 - In the Tiger's Mouth - the new Dana Yang documentary contains Daniel's original musical score. more
26/05/06 - Angels - the Musical Daniel is the Orchestrator and Music Director for Ken Lai's and Marcus Cheong's new Musical: Angels more
18/11/05 - Orc Rituals - International Debut Daniel Thornton's new work for flute and piano "Orc Rituals" had its international debut at a CHAOS concert at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney. more
04/04/06 - It is WellSacred CD hot of the press.  Not only is Daniel Thornton an accomplished composer but as a performer he shines in this 14 track "sacred" CD.  "It is well" contains 11 hymns that have been adapted and sometimes rewritten for a popular contemporary setting. more
10/04/06 - Daniel writes for Sydney Commute. A new Sydney documentary feature Daniel's original score. more

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