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101/07/09 - CD released -  The much anticipated "Worship Always" album is now available!! It is available for digital download @ iTunes. And it is also available from It contains 12 tracks of some of the best worship songs Daniel has written over the past 16yrs. All recorded with top musicians/singers in a contemporary worship format.

101/06/09 - By popular demand -  Daniel & Marina Prior again performed "The Prayer" at the Compassion Ball in Hobart, Tasmania! The audience was once again on their feet by the end of their performance. And rumors continue as to a possible recording of the song by the pair.

10/02/09 - New Recording -  With some of the top musicians in South Australia, Daniel is embarking on a new CD of his original songs.  Due for release on Mother's Day this year, Daniel's latest album will truly be a CD worth waiting for, including the best of Daniel's worship songs over the last 15yrs!!

20/01/09 - "Presence Beautiful" - has just been released on the "Paradise" album. The live video clip was recorded @ Influencers Conference.  Daniel's first song to be recorded on the Paradise Label, which looks to be taken up by Universal Music and tours of the U.S.A. start in September 09.

19/12/08 - Marina Prior - and Daniel performed "The Prayer" at Paradise Carols to thousands who responded with a standing ovation.  Followed by an encore performance.  It's now on YouTube... take a look!!

15/07/08 - Rubies of Eventide - the popular MMORPG is getting a new alternate score.  Daniel has recently moved into the world of gaming soundtracks.  This original score will be a test and launching pad for a number of potential gaming soundtrack contracts.

10/06/08 - New Musical for 2012 - Can't give too much away just yet but Daniel is composing for a significant new musical.  In collaboration with the writer/producer Veronika Peters, Daniel will be completing this powerful and moving musical over the coming 12mths.

01/04/08 - New Hang Minh Vu film - will feature Daniel's score later this month.  Daniel and Hang have worked together on two previous projects and yet another possible project is being discussed for release later this year..

19/03/08 - Daniel Stars - in the Australian Premiere of the US Hit Rock Opera "!Hero" to an audience of over 5000.

Easter Saturday and Sunday evenings saw over 5000 people come to the dove award winning Rock Opera.  Along with a star studded cast, Daniel featured as the "contemporary" Jesus born in New York.

Daniel was further invited to the Final Call-back for "Angels the Musical" which is set to debut on Broadway in Dec08.

10/01/08 - In negotiations - we're hopeful be be making an announcement soon about a tremendous collaboration between a leading Children's Television producer and Daniel Thornton Music.

A new children's series is on the agenda and we'll keep you posted.

25/12/07 - 25,000 people - attended the community carols event where Daniel performed and Music Directed.

Along with an all-star line up including Paulini and the Shrek Show, the event was a spectacular success which is hosted yearly by Paradise Community Church.

25/11/07 - Two new documentaries - are in post-production with Daniel's original scores. Both from budding film makers, Joel Boorman and Michelle L.

They have their debut in December at the Academy Twin Cinema's in Sydney.

20/10/07 - Daniel's producing - and playing... and singing on one of Australia's largest churches new CDs. Paradise Community Church in Adelaide, South Australia has a congregation of over 6000 people.

The popular "Planet Shakers" music came out of Paradise and now Daniel is on board to produce their upcoming Worship release.

15/08/07 - Australian Songwriters Association - has nominated Daniel for this year's prestigious Ruby Brandsma Award.

Seven of Daniel's songs were shortlisted for the 2007 A.S.A. Australian Songwriter's Competition awards. The songs span a number of categories including; Ballad, International, Spiritual and Open. The awards dinner is coming up on Thursday 30th August.

01/08/07 - Encore Magazine- features our website in this month's issue. Yes, Daniel Thornton Music is Encore's Website of the Month for August. You can view the article online at

Moreover, Daniel Thornton Music can regularly be found in the Web Guide section of both the Encore Magazine and the Encore Online Web Guide section.

11/07/07 - The latest sampless- Daniel is now using the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP samples for any virtual orchestral scores.

The "ActionPause" mp3 in the Gallery is an example of these exceptional samples.

And there's lots more to come.

04/06/07 - June's New Scores- 2 short films "Hylas & the Nymphs", "One Deep Breath" & a new doco will contain Daniel's scores this month.

Two of these projects are with Directors, Caite Adamek and Hang Minh Vu, whom Daniel has worked with previously.

The Hang Minh Vu Documentary is a moving and inspiring story of one woman's courageous fight against breast cancer.

Also, Daniel's Sunshower score has been synchronized to another new short film entitled "the Doll".  This film is directed by Jodin Meyer and produced by William Zain in association with Metro Screen.

 01/05/07 - Tenor, Boyd Owen - and Daniel have been engaged over the last 2 months in a crossover project for Tenor, Orchestra, several choirs and band!

Daniel has been working with the celebrated conductor of the Australian Children's Choir, Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and Melbourne Philharmonic Choir, Andrew Wailes.

The culminating CD will contain 6 of Daniel's original songs and will be launched later this year in the U.S.A.

30/04/07 - It is Well vol 2 - Yes, having sold out of the 1st run of original It is Well CD, Daniel has spent the last couple of months preparing the release of this 2nd volume of hymns, contemporized and presented with predominantly Daniel's vocals, Piano and virtual Orchestral arrangements.

This project is a "Sacred" music release and so can be found on Daniel's other website

01/03/07 - Gallery Update - Many new projects are in the pipeline; a new CD, new film scores. In the mean time the Gallery's been updated with a number of excerpts from the short films containing Daniel's original scores from last 2006.

Check it out!  And stay tuned for some exciting news regarding "It is Well 2" and some fresh new short films that are in production as we speak.

01/01/07 - Award-Winning Mezzo - The beginning of 2007 sees Daniel teaming up with award-winning mezzo soprano Shelley Hayton to record/produce 2 CDs.

Daniel's arrangements accompany the 27 songs in a vast array of styles from Opera to Jazz, Classic Cole Porter to Contemporary Worship and some original songs..

Daniel's vocals are also accompanying Shelley on a few tracks. This project will finish up at the end of January as 2007 kicks into high gear with a number of exciting upcoming engagements.

Stay tuned...

20/11/06 - Seven New Projects - It's an exciting month as Daniel is in the process of completing scores to SEVEN new short films/documentaries.

The diverse projects include a sad documentary of a mother who, after living in Australia for 16yrs was suddenly forced into the Villawood detention centre.  2yrs later they still don't know when she will be released. 

Another documentary "Guinea Pig Down" also tells a sad tale.  This time of a Vietnam Vet who was subjected to an anti-Malaria drug trial with devastating consequences.

Then there's XJ Chin's surreal short film that takes us on a breathless stagger through water, bush and building.  And that's just THREE!  Stay tuned.  portions of these films will be on the website over the next couple of months.

10/08/06 - New boy from Oz hits NY - Having completed the "Angels" recording as the Orchestrator, Music Director AND starring role of "Tyriel",

Daniel has been invited to perform the starring role at the upcoming Broadway debut. Six shows only are scheduled and the interest is very high.

For more information you can check out the "Angels" website

5/07/06 - New Recording - Before heading to New York in August, Daniel is performing/recording his original songs for the LifeSource TV show.

This will be the 4th recording of Daniel's original worship songs for the LifeSource program.  There are plans to create a CD from this project also...

So stay tuned!  The recording is on August 19th.

 4/07/06 - In the Tiger's Mouth - the new Dana Yang documentary contains Daniel's original musical score.

Dana, a student of the Sydney Film School has just completed this insightful documentary into the life of a gambling addict. Daniel's score for Cello, Piano and Female voices provides a sad and moving portrait underlying this impacting story.

Released 19 July 06.

26/05/06 - Angels - the Musical Daniel is the Orchestrator and Music Director for Ken Lai's and Marcus Cheong's new Musical: Angels

This brilliant new work, being presented to Broadway producers in September is first being recorded in Sydney in June under Daniel's musical direction.

Watch this space... because this musical is set to soar!

8/11/05 - Orc Rituals - International Debut Daniel Thornton's new work for flute and piano "Orc Rituals" had its international debut at a CHAOS concert at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney.

Allan Scott-Rogers and Gabriella Pusner brilliantly performed the piece to an enthusiastic audience.

"This is actual part of a series of pieces I'm writing about mythical creature rituals" says Daniel, "where my aim is to tap into the popular culture of fantasy and connect it with music that is evocative, enjoyable and a show piece for the performer."

The concert was recorded and sound samples are available on the list of works page.

04/04/06 - It is Well Sacred CD hot of the press.  Not only is Daniel Thornton an accomplished composer but as a performer he shines in this 14 track "sacred" CD. 

"It is well" contains 11 hymns that have been adapted and sometimes rewritten for a popular contemporary setting.

With beautiful Piano and Orchestral accompaniments, this is a meaningful and moving recording.

Sales in the first weeks have been very encouraging as people have rushed to purchase multiple copies.  This CD is NOT available on this website, but is available through another of Daniel's websites

10/04/06 - Daniel writes for Sydney Commute. A new Sydney documentary feature Daniel's original score.

Entitled "The Sydney Commute", this documentary looks at the options for transport across Sydney.

Syndey Film School's Caite Adamek is the director of this documentary.  The unique aspect is that there is no dialogue.  So it is the visuals combined with the music and soundscape that articulate the subject and its message.

Released 19 July 06

"Paradise Album" has arrived!

     it is well
"It is Well - Vol 2" has arrived!

Daniel Performing alongside the Welsh Choir "Cantorion" @ the Morgan's 70th Wedding Anniversary

   it is well2
"It is Well - Vol 1 released in March 2006"

   beyond words
Beyond Words CD & DVD containing Daniel's Songs and original Music

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